Welcome to Viborg International School (VIS)

Viborg International School is a Cambridge International Examinations day school in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. The school is a department of the larger Danish school Viborg private Realskole. Viborg International School provides an international education from Primary to IGCSE (aged 5-17). 

VIS is open to all children of International parents residing in Denmark, Danish children of parents returning from abroad and international-minded Danes. We are a growing school with approximately 90 pupils.

The objective of Viborg  International School is to be a leading academic international school with English as the main language of instruction. We strive to develop intellect, creativity and character. All subjects are taught in English except German and Danish. Creative subjects such as Art, PE, Music and extracurricular activities are integrated into the curriculum.

The International school in Viborg was founded in January 2010 . The founders were Viborg Municipality, Viborg Business Council, Viborg Innovationsfond and Viborg private Realskole. The vision for the new school was to create an academic Danish-International school in Viborg, which could support and enhance international employees in the region. The school is financed between a combination of state funding and parental tuition fees.